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VR Goggles

Web3 Culture integrated.

Web3 is the next level internet that we believe will take on our lives in a way like we have experienced. We want to make sure that consumers and institutions make the best out it in a positive way.

Web3 Education

With many entities wanting to ride the wave, we have designed a one-hour educational session that takes your teams and clients through the concepts and potential of Web3 in a simple and engaging way.

Web3 strategy

Setting a Web3 strategy that is an extension of your community's shared values is of essence. Whether it's for your employees, clients, fans or neighborhood, we help you design an NFT strategy, a decentralized community-driven platform or a decentralized financing fund that will bridge the gaps by implementing best-practice of the Web3 industry. 

Intellectual property education

Many creatives and innovators struggle with managing their intellectual property due to lack of know-how. We have designed a light one-hour MasterClass on the basic principles of IP and how you can leverage blockchain in the process in a simple and cost-efficient process.

Intellectual property & Blockchain

We provide a simple and cost-efficient tool for managing intellectual property using blockchain. The tool is a user friendly digital notarization platform that is connected to the Time Stamp Authorities of the European Union and China that allows to create proof of ownership for your work.

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