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Refections of Times

Amidst the Mediterranean's sunlit embrace, Malta unveils a captivating canvas where tales of impact and memory intertwine. Join an immersive expedition to this tiny archipelago, an odyssey inviting contemplation of humanity's essence in context with surroundings.


Engage with living memories—a collective narrative bridging epochs. Delve into conversations shaping identities, unveiling influences echoing across time. From ancient merchants to present-day cosmopolitans, each interaction weaves threads of a grand human narrative.


Malta, a philosophical microcosm, beckons explorers to ponder layers of memory, identity, and enduring historical echoes. This journey transcends heritage, guiding introspection into shared humanity—a poetic exploration embracing the interwoven fabric of past, present, and the essence of our existence.

Itinerary Details

Our journey leads us to encounter living memories—stories handed down through generations, embodying the essence of transference. We will engage in conversations with the people of Malta, tracing the lines of influence and impact on their identities.


  • Enjoy a spectacular experience at "Valletta Resounds" with a private tour accompanied by a curator to St John's cathedral 

  • Explore the historical streets of the Medina alongside an urban historian and get exclusive access to the archives

  • Discover Valletta's underground and you might hear the sirens of WWII

  • Go on a hands-on workshop with a boat builder, a guilder and a sculpture

  • Activate all your senses through a unique experience at the Salt Farm

  • Experience local food and dive into local taste with a food historian

  • Engage with locals 

  • And also have lots of fun...

Day 1

Image by David Alfons

Mdina Tour and Archives visit

We will meet at the hotel and drive to the Mdina where we shall take a walking tour of the city with a local historian and researcher. After the tour we will have a private visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral Archives that tell the history of the civilizations that passed through the city and contributed to the culture of Malta.

Image by Karim MANJRA

Wignacourt Museum & Rabat Catacombs

In this visit we will experience first hand 3 critical historic moments in Malta. First, the catacombs that are part of an amazing labyrinth of 3rd-century AD subterranean tombs. Second, St Paul's grotto, the most sacred place on the island of Malta where St Paul is said to have stayed when he arrived on our island in 60 AD. Third and last is the WWII shelters that contributed in saving many lives in Malta.

Valletta Resounds.jpg

St John’s co-cathedral & Valletta Resounds

The visit of the cathedral will be with its current curator Mgr. Paul Carmel Vella who was appointed in 2019 as parish priest within the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and monsignor of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Malta.

We will attend the amazing "Valletta Resounds" performance at the oratory of St John's cathedral which elegantly strings together Caravaggio masterpieces with theatrical storytelling and timeless classical music.

Day 2

Image by Karim MANJRA

Valletta Underground

We shall descend into the fascinating depths of Valletta, built first as a fortress and then as a city guided by a local urban historian who will take us through Malta's lifeline throughout time.

Image by Eva Darron

Megalithic Temples

Alongside an urban historian, we will explore the megalithic structures of Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim, that are over 5000 years old (even older than the stone henge in UK).

Day 3

Image by Val Vesa

Three Cities - Workshops

This special day will invite you to participate in 3 hands-on workshops; boat building, guilding and limestone sculpting.

The boat builder and Guilding workshops embody the harmony between preserving historical traditions and modern artistic expression while the limestone workshop, a fundamental material in Maltese architecture, represents the dichotomy between preservation and modernity.

You will have the opportunity to create your own piece and take it with you.

Image by adrianna geo

Art Restoration Lab

A visit to an art restoration lab where we shall meet with the restorators of historic art to witness and understand how art is preserved.

Day 4

Image by Timo Volz

Salt Pans 

We will travel by ferry to Gozo island and meet the salt farmers in person and learn from them how salt is extracted and how knowledge and skills are handed over from one generation to another

Image by Nadya Spetnitskaya

Culinary Experience

We shall visit the famous Gozitan Ftira Bakery for an exquisite culinary experience. The experience will include:

- Bread making

- Tasting Sundried tomato dip and infused oils

- Tasting of home made Imqaret and Gozo coffee

Image by Juliette F

Celebratory Dinner

A celebratory dinner will be at the maritime museum hall curated by a food historian.

The tour and dinner experience will introduce you to the historical aspects of Maltese food in the 16th, 17th and 18th century covering aspects such as the import of spices from the far east, like vanilla, nutmeg, chocolate, coffee and all the conflicts that they entailed.

Any questions, connect with us by email on

List of recommended hotels

During this retreat, we are offering our participants the choice to book their own accommodation. This would allow them to find the right hotel that offers the right balance between cost and amenities, ensuring that they get the best experience in Malta. 


However, for logistical reasons, and to stay nearby the pick-up location , we recommend the following options:

1- Hotel 1 - The Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta is built within the 16th Century UNESCO World Heritage fortifications of Malta’s capital, Valletta. It is situated on the waterfront side of the city , facing the traditional Maltese harbour called “Marsamxett”,  and they offers unique views whilst being in surrounded by authentic history.

2- Hotel 2 - 23 Boutique Hotel  is an 18th Century villa turned into a charming boutique hotel with a magic blend of original limestone and Award-winning interior design.

Having hotels in close proximity to the pick-up location ensures that you can easily reach the pick up location and meet with the other participants on time without the hassle of long commutes.

Check the map for your reference

Image by David Alfons
  • Daily transfers as mentioned in the itinerary including the ferry to Gozo island

  • Entrance Tickets to all activities as per the itinerary.

  • Entrance ticket to attend Valletta Resound performance

  • Workshops fees and materials

  • Lunch and dinner are included throughout the journey

Image by Paula De la Pava Nieto
  • Accommodation, including airport transfer from and to the hotel upon arrival and departure

  • Airline Tickets

  • Visa fees

  • Travel Insurance

  • High-Season supplements

  • Personal gear

  • Meals and special orders not mentioned above

  • Optional activities

  • Tips and gratuities

  • Personal expenses

Image credit Geotourism Dahar website

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IMPORTANT: The host, itinerary and schedule are subject to change due to availability, weather, road conditions and operating conditions. At any moment, the guide has the RIGHT to change the program for the safety and convenience of the travelers.

Previous Cultural Experiences


May 3 to May 8, 2023


Our cities and towns are densely packed with portals to the past in the form of museums, ruins, cathedrals, mosques, castles, palaces, and a variety of other structures. Our lives are also filled with portals to the past through family stories, food, fashion, ceramics, textiles, music and so on.


So how can we maintain this portal open for future generations to experience their past, which is now? How can we use technological advancement to preserve our traditions and crafts for future generations?


During this retreat, we explored through a journey of four days various places, techniques, and crafts utilizing ancient and new approaches to challenge ourselves, learn and connect. We also explored and engaged with a culturally vibrant city that has too many tales to tell through the eyes of its creatives, historians, craftsmen and explorers.

The Experience:

Day 1 – Transformation – Be a Changemaker

Day 2 – Experimentation – Be a Local

Day 3 - Conceptualization– Get Messy

Day 4 - Application – Become the Artist

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