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An immersive and inspiring journey dedicated to the art of storytelling. Set amidst the breathtaking natural landscapes of Tunisia; where Star Wars was filmed, the spirit of storytelling beckons, asking profound questions that transcend time: What happens to a myth when the storyteller changes? Why do we conform to narratives as they were told, without invoking the power of reinterpretation and creative imagination?





* Price does NOT include Airline Ticket 



Tunisia's Tapestry of Ancient Stories


Embark on a transcendent journey through the ethereal realms of storytelling, where ancient myths intertwine with the vibrant tapestry of imagination. Join us on a four-day odyssey of introspection and exploration, delving into the enigmatic depths of narrative evolution amidst the rich landscapes of Tunisia's timeless heritage.


Guided by the spirit of inquiry, our retreat seeks to challenge the immutable essence of stories and myths. In a world steeped in the echoes of ancient tales, we traverse through landscapes adorned with whispers of forgotten epochs, prompting us to reimagine the very meaning of narratives.


Alongside a talented Sci-Fi scriptwriter and filmmaker, Joe Kawasaki, you'll not only unravel your discoveries but also learn how to capture them from your unique perspective and recount the mesmerizing myths. Get ready for a journey of a lifetime! 

As we venture through landscapes shrouded in mystery and historical significance, the boundaries between reality and mythology blur. Here, at the confluence of history and imagination, we challenge the accepted norms of storytelling. Join us in this philosophical journey where storytelling transcends its confines, inviting us to partake in the eternal dance between myth and creativity—an invitation to reimagine, recreate, and reconstruct the very essence of narratives.


  • Enjoy a spectacular experience at "The moon surface" with a geologist and researcher 

  • Explore the historical Mosques and the Chenini village through the eyes of an anthropologist

  • Get an exclusive access to historical manuscripts of the "Maliki school of thoughts"

  • Go on a hands-on workshop with a scriptwriter to unlock mental blocks, learn from others and share your challenges

  • Activate all your senses through a unique experience

  • Experience local food and dive into local taste

  • Engage with locals 

  • And also you will have lots of fun...

Itinerary Details

Day 1

Arrival to Djerba and transfer to Hotel. No activities for this welcoming day, so if you come early, you can roam the city on your own.

Day 4

This special day will take us to the historical troglodytes houses in Matmata where Star Wars was filmed with a special access to the Qur'anic school where you will have a special one to one discussion with the sheikh.

On our way, we will have the opportunity to visit exclusively the Berberien priestess house.

After such an experience, you will then go have lunch in one of the traditional places before heading back to Djerba.

Day 2

On this first day, we will start early our journey to discover the physical spaces and learn about the civilizations that created them. We will explore the "Moon Surface" area and understand its geological history. The day will take us to explore Chenini village and have an exclusive access to the "Dinosaurs traces" that roamed the land millions of years ago

The day will then be concluded with a dinner at the traditional Dar Ennaim place.

Day 5

On this final day of the experience, you will roam the old neighborhood in Djerba discovering the art of graffiti.

After such an inspiring interaction, the Silverline team will take you into an AI workshop experience to create a final script.

The day will end with a Gala Dinner.

Day 3

On this day you shall travel in time to the past as you walk around Mzanzen region to discover the mosques and the Ksours with a historian peeling the various layers that built these monuments. We will meet locals and get introduced to the art of Berberiens Carpets. 

We will then conclude the day with a special access to an amazing location where we will watch one of the best sunsets and conclude the day at the traditional Dar Ayed

Day 6

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport with all the friendships, collaborations and wonderful experience that we hope it will inspire you to be a changemaker in your city.


See you in the next tour!


  • Accommodation will be in different locations throughout the journey: Dar Bibin, Dar Lili, Dar Ennour and Dar Daoud in Djerba, Dar Ayyad, Dar Ennaim throughout the journey

  • Possibility of room sharing, based on gender, at Dar Ayyad depending on number of participants

  • Some routes would necessitate a minimum of physical activities

  • Light luggage is recommended during the journey

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended

  • All services stipulated above are subject to availability at the time of booking/reservation. All prices are subject to change.

Any questions, connect with us by email on

Joe Kawasaki
Meet our Sci-Fi scriptwriter

Conjuror, realist, and explorer of infinite worlds, Joe Kawasaki is an award-winning writer/director and editor based out of Los Angeles, Ca, who also lived and worked abroad in the Middle East for over 13 years, and was the managing partner/co-founder of two production companies in the Arab Gulf Region. 


Joe has over 25 years of production experience as a concept/writer and director/editor in the commercial and corporate branding space with such clients as John Deere, Chevron, Ford, Subaru, Carrollton Bank, Western Digital, and Toyota.  

His short film “Reboot,” premiered at DEFCON 2012, and was nominated for Best Short and Best Vision of the Future at the Silicon Valley Film Fest.  With his spec script “Eris”, he established an enduring relationship with Scott Free TV/Film, and was a staff writer for the streaming show “The Man in the High Castle” by Amazon Studios. 


Jos also worked with gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment as a creative content producer/director for their live tournament shows involving IPs World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch (2014-15, 2017). 


He is currently developing narrative content for television and film, and continues directing and editing for commercial broadcast and corporate branding clientele.

  • Two group airport transfer from and to the Djerba airport upon arrival and departure.

  • Daily transfers as mentioned in the itinerary.

  • 5 nights’ accommodation in different locations as described in the itinerary on a B&B basis.

  • Tickets to all activities as per the itinerary.

  • Lunch and dinner are included throughout the journey

Image credit Geotourism Dahar website

Moon Surface.jpeg
  • Additional transfers from and to the airport if needed.

  • International flights.

  • Visa fees.

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Single Supplement.

  • High-Season supplements.

  • Personal gear.

  • Meals and special orders not mentioned above.

  • Optional activities.

  • Tips and gratuities.

  • Personal expenses.

Image credit Geotourism Dahar website

Image credit Geotourism Dahar website

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IMPORTANT: The host, itinerary and schedule are subject to change due to availability, weather, road conditions and operating conditions. At any moment, the guide has the RIGHT to change the program for the safety and convenience of the travelers.

Previous Cultural Experiences


May 3 to May 8, 2023


Our cities and towns are densely packed with portals to the past in the form of museums, ruins, cathedrals, mosques, castles, palaces, and a variety of other structures. Our lives are also filled with portals to the past through family stories, food, fashion, ceramics, textiles, music and so on.


So how can we maintain this portal open for future generations to experience their past, which is now? How can we use technological advancement to preserve our traditions and crafts for future generations?


During this retreat, we explored through a journey of four days various places, techniques, and crafts utilizing ancient and new approaches to challenge ourselves, learn and connect. We also explored and engaged with a culturally vibrant city that has too many tales to tell through the eyes of its creatives, historians, craftsmen and explorers.

The Experience:

Day 1 – Transformation – Be a Changemaker

Day 2 – Experimentation – Be a Local

Day 3 - Conceptualization– Get Messy

Day 4 - Application – Become the Artist

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