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Each consultant has their superpowers and engages in relevant projects. Our core team is made out of four strong well-seasoned cultural consultants, but this team is elastic enough to expand much more based on the project size.

  • Creative and Cultural Industries Mapping & Strategy for the Office of the Chairperson at Qatar Museums

  • Socio-Cultural Audit of a local community and strategy development that will allow them to become stewards of UNESCO Heritage sites; commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia in partnership with Aeon Strategy

  • 33 focus groups across 11 cities in the MENA and GCC for Nuqat non-profit organization (click here)

  • Cultural Vibrancy Research of 12 Arab Cities commissioned by the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities of the government of Abu Dhabi in partnership with Nuqat non-profit organization (click here)

  • Field Survey: “Powering the Creative Economy” conducted in Collaboration with the World Bank during the Nuqat conference of 2016 (click here)

  • Field Survey: Understanding the “ability to change a mindset” conducted in collaboration with ServiceHero during the Nuqat conference of 2019 (click here)

Meet The Team


Azza Elhassan

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A people watcher and traveller with a thirst for experimental music and 2-left feet who can talk about philosophies and cultural concepts till the break of day.

D75_2294 copy.jpg

Abdallah ElChami 

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A multicultural foodie with a keen ear for contemporary classical music, a constant interest in research and a passion for connecting with the real people behind great ideas.


Juliette Zeidan

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A mindfully curious traveller with a love for baking and thorough research skills never fails to discover interests and new cultures, tasty cuisines and most importantly great wine.

wakim_photo (1)_edited.jpg

Wakim Zeidan

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A spontaneous traveler and chocolate collector who’s on a mission to understand how the world works while constantly looking for socially driven technology and isn’t afraid to try them.

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