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Web3, it seems we all need it at one point.

We act as the bridge between the geeks of web3 and the non-geeks, whoever they may be. We help you learn about Web3 and its potential as the future of all that we do in life. Once you see the potential, we will then work with you to set a strategy to integrate it as part of your work and life culture.
Blockchain & NFT
VR/AR & Metaverse
Artificial Intelligence
Web3 Service

Learn about the principles and tools of Web3 in one hour.


This MasterClass takes you on the journey of Web3, the principles of Blockchain and the different tools (tokens, wallets, decentralized apps..) and the potential of NFTs.

Web3 Education

What do we offer for Web3?


Educating your team and clients on Web3 and blockchain.


Understand your company's challenges and future objectives to advise on the best Web3 strategy to adopt.


Based on the research, a Web3 adoption strategy will be designed to complement your company's growth and transformaiton objectives.


Mentor and assist your team leaders (mid and senior level managers) in integrating Web3 within their department and teams.

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