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Intellectual Property Management Using Blockchain

We provide you with a web tool that will help you digitally notarize your work by official government timestamp authorities. The process will formalize the proof of ownership of your work while recording it on the public ledger of the blockchain.
2 Government Timestamps

Issued by the EU and Chinese Timestamp Authorities

1 Bitcoin Timestamp

Every transaction is recorded on the bitcoin ecosystem

Unlimited Projects

Create as many as you need

Unlimited Files

Certify in one shot as many files as needed

Preview The IP Platform.


Think of it as your ‘encrypted’ dropbox where you can upload the whole process of your work creation as you develop it from sketches, notes, prototyping to marketing, creating a unique blockchain-trail of certified timestamps ‘proving that you own the work’.

Every time you upload a set of files for your project, with a click of a button you will issue three certificates; a bitcoin certificate and digital EU and Chinese timestamp certificates that you can attach to licensing agreements, contracts and NDA’s, all admissible in courts.

It’s the perfect low cost and efficient way for creatives and tech innovators to manage and prove ownership of their work in case it got copied or "stolen".

What do we offer with the IP platform?


Advise you on how to set up your account and manage your Intellectual Property for your specific needs.


Regular online workshops, FAQ and access to a pre-recorded MasterClass on Silverline Community

Legal Templates

Through the MasterClass on Silverline Community, you will have access to legal templates for NDAs, Licensing Agreements and more.


On Silverline Community we are available for support. You can simply DM our expert on this, Wakim Zeidan

Our IP Workshop Has Been Delivered To


Frequently asked questions

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