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Types of procrastinators and their challenges

1. The performer who says, "I work well under pressure" This procrastinator forces themselves to focus by shrinking the time they have to tackle a task. For many of our clients, the real reason behind this is perfectionism. If you're tight on time, there's no way the task can be done to your unreasonably high standards anyway, right? For others, the issue is simply falling back into old patterns and beliefs that we have about our 11th-hour saves. No matter what, being in the habit of putting pressure on yourself is not sustainable.

The biggest challenge: Getting started.

2. The self-deprecator who says, "I am so lazy right now" This procrastinator is the opposite of lazy, so when they don't do something they are extra hard on themselves. We see this a lot with our male clients. They tend to blame inaction on laziness or stubbornness rather than admit they are tired. What they really need is to be more compassionate with themselves.

The biggest challenge: Taking a break.

3. The over-booker who says, "I'm so busy" This procrastinator is a pro at filling up their calendar and is often overwhelmed. "I'm so busy" is probably the excuse we hear most often. Interestingly, some of the busiest people we work with get the most done. When busy-ness comes up as an excuse for not doing something, it's usually an indication of avoidance. Rather than facing a challenge head on or admitting they don't want to do something, it's easier to place the blame on having other important things to do.

The biggest challenge: Making time face what you know you need to face right now (typically this is not a task).

4. The novelty seeker who says, "I just had the best idea!" This procrastinator has a terminal case of Shiny Object Syndrome. They're constantly coming up with new projects to take on — and then getting bored with them a week later. They're intrigued by the latest trend and will be quick to implement but not follow through. They are great at making decisions and taking action. However, they end up inadvertently losing a lot of time and burning out because they don't take consistent action in one direction long enough to see results. Many of our entrepreneurial clients fit into this category.

The biggest challenge: Completion.


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