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Themes of the Year

This year we thought we would begin a series of content and actions aimed at transformation. Now to be frankly honest, this was a rather tough subject to prepare for especially in a time and age where nothing can be described as normal anymore; how were we going to transform anything? Where do you even begin? How far can we really go? What exactly do we want to transform?

What is evidently clear is there was a desperate need for a mental resuscitation; an opportunity to revive thoughts and ideas. How else would we be able to identify transformation in the making? And with that in mind, we bring to you our plan for the coming year in hopes that our ideas, values and potential can be amplified together.


On Transformation



A marked change in form, nature, or appearance.

We take a deeper look at what constitutes transformation as we make room for technology to carve the way of the future. How do we best address the effects of AI on all things human? On humanity and its unique characteristics, how can we identify as or with transformational individuals?

Ultimately what we hope to gain is a variety of configurations to manage change.

On Experimentation



The action or process of trying out new ideas, methods, or activities.

Celebrating and encouraging one of the fundamental building blocks of creativity and culture, here we take a chance on ideas and concepts and put them to the test. Whether calculated data-driven or purely instinctive we remind ourselves once again of the importance of asking how? and why?

Ultimately what we hope to gain is a sense of fearlessness when trying new things.

On Conceptualization



The action or process of forming an abstract concept or idea.

By beginning to focus on tangible opportunities we narrow down our field of vision to serve our outcomes. Here we intend to construct and deconstruct concepts and ideas to their rawest elements to put them to the test.

Ultimately what we hope to gain is an ability to confidently develop our ideas.

On Application



The action of putting something into operation.

We can't forget that innovations have to be more than mere ideas or initial concepts if they're able to succeed in prime time. Creativity is at its most successful when a spark of an idea is bandied about and then fully developed.

Ultimately what we hope to gain as a community is a variety of tangible and impactful solutions.


Introducing MeenWho

Believing in the power of the human capital we are proud to launch our podcast MeenWho. In our podcast, we will be introducing inspiring and remarkable individuals to share with us their experiences and what they learned along the way. Once a month we touch upon abstract but powerful principles as seen from our guest's point of view about culture, humanity and the future.


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