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The Blueprint Canvas

The purpose of this research is to establish a baseline of the effect and affect of the Cultural and Creative Sectors on the economy today. Culture, as defined by UNESCO, plays a unique role in social progress. Developing culture is not a way to solve challenges, but rather a means to create

a space where individuals can express, explore and re-imagine complex and difficult issues.

This space, urban by nature, grows with the increasing interaction of its population – driving governments and city leaders towards investing in culture to underpin and support sustainable economic growth. Such an investment is not to be underestimated due to the role that culture plays in the promotion of any country as a partner for trade, investment, labor, education and tourism, all contributing to the nation’s economic growth and progress.

Moreover, according to The Culture and Creative Cities Monitor “Investment in culture remains extremely difficult to track, and its impact difficult to assess, due to the lack of shared definitions, data and metrics, particularly at city level.”

Our aim with the Blueprint Canvas is to change that...

By completing this mapping, you are contributing to a much needed knowledge base for the Creative and Cultural Industries in the Arab region. This survey aims at facilitating evidence-based decisions for the creative and cultural industries.

To know more about our reasoning and purpose click here

Complete it and you will receive:

  1. A POAP token (what is a POAP token, click here?)

  2. Regular newsletter updates analyzing the data collected from the surveys and the think-tanks.


Resources Howson Paul; Dubber John Culture Matters Report. 2014 Edition Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels #OnTransformation

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