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The 5 people you need to be happy

Happiness is about unleashing your god-given talents to positively influence this world.

Human relationships have the deepest richest impact on our level of happiness more so than any other factor combined. And most of us can't catch happiness because we are not connected to the right people that inspire us to go after it and get it.

Jim Rohn says it this way you are the average of the five people that you choose to associate with the most so to maximize your chances of finding your happiness you need to identify and maintain the connection with 5 key people and they are:

Number 1 Your Cheerleader

This is a person in your life who believes in you when you can’t seem to believe in yourself. You’re looking for someone who offers you genuine consolation in times of strife and can help you find the strength to face difficulties

Number 2 Your Mentor

This is a person in your life and their primary role is to point you in the right direction. You're looking for two key things #1 someone who has a willingness to share information and more so #2 someone with the capacity to point you in the direction that you want to go. You'll know this person because they'll have information for you to consume podcasts, books, articles, blogs etc.

Number 3 Your Coach

This is a person in your life who is meant to make you a little bit uncomfortable so that you can maximize your potential and make things happen. You’re looking for someone who doesn’t mince their words and is equipped to have difficult conversations with you in an honest and respectful manner.

Number 4 Your Friend

This is a person in your life who actually knows your truest heart’s desire.

You’re looking for someone that you can speak honestly with; someone you trust to reveal your true self to.

Number 5 Your Peer

This is a person in your life who understands your professional experience and can keep your head in the game. You’re looking for someone who doesn’t necessarily work in the same industry as you however has the same level of transferable experience which would equip them to understand your challenges and offer tried advice.



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