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The 4 steps of building your own productivity cycles

Step 1: Start with a habit

Think about what you want your productivity cycle to be. Do you want to do a weekly review? Starting with small steps lowers your chances of not starting at all so you don’t procrastinate and can build your action into a habit.

Step 2: Create your process

For a cycle to work (and to become a habit), you need to know what needs to get done each time. You can’t build a productivity cycle of something vague or uncertain. Give some definition to those goals by setting smaller goals along the way. You must be specific and give yourself a clear path and success metric.

Step 3: Ask yourself these questions so you can understand your productivity cycle

How much flexibility do you need?

Is this cycle based on something you’re confident in? Or is it something you’re experimenting with and need more time to learn about?

Tip: Don’t be too formal with a cycle; as you learn something new give yourself the chance to fail

What’s your skill level?

Is your cycle based on something you can do in your sleep and doesn’t need reinforcing? Or is this a skill you’re still building?

Tip: Longer cycles can cause your skills and interest to deteriorate.

What level of quality are you going for?

Sometimes formalizing tasks (especially creative ones) can cause you to lose some of your “spark.” While other times, it might improve your output.

Who else do you work with?

Does this cycle depend on other people?

Tip: Communicate what you’re doing and make sure your timing lines up.

When do you do your best work?

We all have a personal productivity curve each day. And understanding when you do your best work can make sure that you optimize when you should schedule these cycles.

Tip: track your motivation, energy and effort each hour every day for a week to get a clear understanding of how these elements play together

Step 4: Make time for reflection, gratitude and celebration

As you build your own productivity cycles, make sure to leave space to celebrate what you have done. Like the cycles in nature, we can only keep going if we balance our periods of growth with periods of rest.

Are those steps and tips useful for you?? Do you have some tips of your own to get more productive? Share them below with us!!



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