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Storytelling: Fertilizing the Human Imagination | Fiammetta Rocco

For our new MeenWho podcast episode, we delved into Literary Transformation with Fiammetta Rocco. Fiammetta is the Administrator of the International Booker Prize, the most renowned literary award foundation in the world, as well as being an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

We talked about the extent to which literature contributes to the transformation of societies and civilisations, the main challenges facing literary practitioners when it comes to protecting their intellectual properties, why is reading important, and why is it such a human thing and a fundamental human value.

When conversing with Fiammetta, I was struck by how important translation is. Most of my all-time favourite novels were written in an original language that I cannot understand (French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, etc). Without translation, we wouldn't have access to so many different worlds to our own. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the International Booker Prize dedicates half of the award money to the translator!

And do you want to know what is the biggest misconception about Literature? Tune in to find out :)

The podcast is available on all major podcast directories; Apple, Spotify, Google, Anghami and more. You can also listen straight on our website:

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