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Our Leaders Of Tomorrow Are Going To Need These 4 Rare Skills

Need To Be Systems Thinkers

Tomorrow’s best leaders will understand that everything is connected—and their choices and priorities will reflect that. Tomorrow's best leaders will understand that systems thinking applies to their own people as well. The team you lead must be smarter than you. This means that tomorrow’s leaders will need to understand how cognitive diversity works—and use it.

Need To Be Intellectually Honest

In a world as complex and connected as ours, the collaboration we need in order to make our systems work requires more transparency and more honesty. So tomorrow’s great leaders will need to take integrity to a new level.

Need To Be Intellectually Humble

That is, they need to be aware of the limits of their own knowledge, and to be willing to change their minds in light of new information—no matter how hard it is or how bad it looks.

Finally, Tomorrow’s Leaders Need To Be Empathetic & Charitable

A business leader who has these four meta-skills will make hard choices. They'll put people over profits. They'll put their company's impact on their community at the top of the list of priorities. And they'll pivot and go against the grain without fearing how it looks—if it's the right thing to do for people.

Imagine for a minute that every leader of every company and country was a systems thinker who was intellectually honest and humble, and who practiced empathy and modeled charity. What kind of world would we live in?


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