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Our First NFT Auction

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Toofoola is story that is beautifully told by its founder our very own Juliette Zeidan

And I'm so very proud to be curating Toofoola's first mission driven NFT auction; to challenge and contest the existing relationship between menstruation and society at large

Negative stigmas condition us to engage with menstrual function as something to be hidden, something shameful. And we believe in the power and responsibility of the arts as a medium to uplift and express uncomfortable social issues.

What we will guarantee is a one-of-a-kind conceptualization support experience where we will conduct an introductory “Welcome to NFT’s” with Wakim Zeidan to teach you the technical pros and cons of this evolving new world, research based curatorial support, a uniquely customized marketing strategy built with the artists and civil society groups and businesses involved in period poverty action and the protection of your intellectual property using blockchain technology.

In partnership with OasisX we launched the collection in January of 2023 and it can be found here



Photo by Alina Blumberg

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