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Impactful Design: How designers can change the world

About the Interviewee

As an architect and product designer, Mirko’s work has been exhibited internationally, including Vienna, Florence and Beijing. He received his Master degree in Architecture in 2010, at Greg Lynn’s masterclass at the University of Applied Arts of Vienna. Mirko is co-founder and Chief Design Officer at NYXO ltd, an architecture and product design practice working internationally, with designs featuring in the permanent collection at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum of New York. His work consists in the understanding and management of intricate multidisciplinary scenarios, from material systems to production processes. Mirko is also sensitive to scientific issues and the role that the design thought could play in the bio & nanotech revolution to renovate the Human Being. One of his obsessions concerns the mutation of the human body (Human Enhancement Design) focusing on the influence and interaction with the products; products as a prosthesis of the human body.

About the Interviewer

Raffi Tchakerian Graduated from IUAV in Venice, with a PhD in Industrial Design and has acquired experience in multiple fields of design, including aerospace, aviation, medicine, humanitarian design, product design, interactive design and robotics. Acquiring the ability to transform thoughts into tangible solutions his work is nurtured through cross-fertilizations between these various fields, with the goal of improving the interaction between humans and the technology they use, and environments in which they live. As a visionary designer, Raffi’s projects are colorful in nature, touching on every imaginable design field from space to the developing world. Over the past decade Tchakerian has collaborated with a large number of leading international designers, including the design studio, Architecture and Vision and space architects Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler.

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