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How Social is a Social Enterprise?

We are all familiar with the term "Social Enterprise" but how much do we know about it and how does it fit into our current economies that are mostly driven by profits. In this conversation with Leila Ben-Gacem and the team of her social initiative (Slim Essabri, Ahmed Agerbi and Med Amine Agerbi) that has been giving you those video tours of the Old Medina of Tunis on Silverline's Instagram, we shall explore:

• The history of social entrepreneurship from a Tunisian perspective and how it has adapted to modern days, and understand to what extent is social enterprising part of our culture, habits and traditions.

• The ability of measuring the direct impact of a social enterprise? And, how can social entrepreneurship impact the lives of youth?

• If a successful social responsibility program can label a corporate or a for-profit company as a social enterprise?

About the Guests

Leila Ben-Gacem is a social entrepreneur; Ashoka Fellow and founder of Blue Fish, a consultancy that works on improving the socio-economic dynamics of heritage and culture to improve its preservation. Leila also founded Dar el Harka, a creative industry hub; Dar Ben Gacem, a Boutique Hotel and cultural catalyst in the medina of Tunis. Leila is also an elected city council member at her native town of Beni-Khalled. Before switching careers, Leila held various positions at multinational corporations and has a BS in Biomedical Engineering.

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