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Handling the "but's"... with courage!

In this talk Rania will be discussing the importance of Critical Thinking and its impact on the collective growth of the community through her work on Naqd. The talk will explore different methods and tools that work on self-analysis, focusing on the ways we employ critical thinking to grow as creatives and how to engage that growth and mindset allowing us to become influential contributors in the creative ecosystem.

Furthermore, during this talk, Naqd Critique founder, Rania Jishi will move from talking about Critical Thinking and its effect on an individual’s development and creative success to highlighting the impact of self-critical thinking as a growth tool for the creative. The talk will expand to include an overview of critique sessions, cultural critiques and how all of the above facets come together to enhance cultural contribution.

About Rania Jishi

Rania Jishi Graduated with a BA in Studio Art, School of Visual Communications at the American University in Dubai. a graduate from the Salama Emerging Artist Fellowship & a Campus Art Dubai Alumni. Currently working as Adults Program Specialist at the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi.

Jishi is a multidisciplinary artist; specialized illustration and art education, she is also the founder of NAQD, artist-run critique sessions organized in the UAE, Her experience as an educator includes working with DCT, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Art Foundation, The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Art Dubai, NYUAD and other organizations.

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