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A Conversation with Hind Mezaina

In this virtual conversation we’ll dive with Hind Mezaina into the reality and challenges of the media sector in the UAE and the Arab world, the eye and mind of a critical blogger and cultural activist, and what it takes to build a track in curating film programs independently.


Hind Mezaina is an artist, a writer and a film programmer from Dubai, UAE. Focusing primarily on photography and video, her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in the UAE and abroad, including Sharjah Biennial (2017) and Abu Dhabi Art's Beyond: Emerging Artists (2020).

Hind’s focus delves into themes of collective memory, the notion of heritage, and the representation of Dubai and the UAE in the media. Her work is a continuous development of what she describes as ‘visual archaeology’ through research, observation, collecting and preserving memories.

She runs The Culturist blog since 2009, and she is the co-founder of Tea with Culture podcast. Building her own track in film programming independently, she has curated film screenings for local institutions in the UAE, including Louvre Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Art Foundation.

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