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Art Gallery

Art Gallery

A display of the work curated and commissioned by the Silverline Team for multiple clients and for several projects. An emphasis on the integration of technology is always in place be it NFT or AI-based.

Period Poverty Exhibition

Phygital Social Artworks

The project is a collection of eight unique mission-driven NFT phygital (physical and digital) artworks that aims to shed light on the topic of "Period Poverty". Poverty in the materialistic sense of lack of access to period products but also in the non-materialistic sense of lack of knowledge to understand, accept and talk about such a natural process of the body. 

The work has been collaboratively produced with 8 artists of different nationalities and they are: Maha Alasaker and Shurooq AlAmin from Kuwait, Hussein AlAzaat from Jordan, Neda Tavallaee from Iran, Yara Lahoud, Nour Tohme, Hayat Sheikh and Elias Moubarak from Lebanon.

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