A cultural consultancy that leverages technology to improve the cultural and creative economic value of communities.

What do we do?

Cultural Consultancy

“Culture” is the most elusive term in the vocabulary of the social sciences and the number of books devoted to the topic would fill many library shelves. Culture can be pragmatically defined by the contents and boundaries of the interests of those who study it. Our culture is what defines us. It's what describes us. It drives us to do what we do and accordingly create its own economic and emotional values.

By combining insightful data with community participation, we facilitate the design of solutions that will help a society define what they want to grow and for what.

Intellectual Property

As individuals or communities, what we own isn't necessarily tangible. Our ideas, creations and innovations are valuable intangible assets with an economic value that is worth protecting. We have partnered with Bernstein to provide the agents of the creative and innovative industries a low cost and efficient tool to manage and evidence their work and ideas using blockchain as a secure and trusted public ledger.

Community Engagement

Technology is wonderful if it can bring us closer to work towards one objective. The Silverline Community is a platform that brings together Creative and Cultural experts to engage them in networking and knowledge exchange across different industries.

The BIG purpose of the online community is to be a platform that leverages Web 3.0 to serve and grow the cultural and creative economic value of communities.

Italian Streets

Our Roadmap

Roadmap 1.0
Transformation Program

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Roadmap 2.0
NFT Membership Program

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Roadmap 3.0
DAO Launch

(Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

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Meet The Team


Azza Elhassan

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A people watcher and traveller with a thirst for experimental music and exactly 2-left feet who can talk about philosophies and cultural concepts till the break of day.


Abdallah ElChami 

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A multicultural foodie with an ear for contemporary classical music, a constant interest in research and a passion for connecting with the real people behind great ideas.


Juliette Zeidan

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A mindfully curious traveller with a love for baking and who’s thorough research skills never fails to discover interests and new cultures, tasty cuisines and most importantly great wine.

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Wakim Zeidan

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A spontaneous traveller and chocolate collector who’s on a mission to understand how the world works while constantly looking for socially driven technology and isn’t afraid to try them.


Podcast: MeenWho

Meenwho, as in "meen" in Arabic which is who in English, is a monthly podcast that will be in conversations with the movers and shakers of the creative and cultural industries.