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Leading cultural development through research, community and technology.

What do we do?

Cultural Consultancy
Research, planning, strategy and implementation

Cultural Experiences
Research-driven experience design and implementation

Web3 Culture Integration
Intellectual Property Management, NFT Strategy, Web3 Education and Integration

Meet The Team


Azza Elhassan

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A people watcher and traveller with a thirst for experimental music and 2-left feet who can talk about philosophies and cultural concepts till the break of day.

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Abdallah ElChami 

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A multicultural foodie with a keen ear for contemporary classical music, a constant interest in research and a passion for connecting with the real people behind great ideas.


Juliette Zeidan

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A mindfully curious traveller, passionate about learning and uncovering new meaning through extensive research while never fails to discover interests and new cultures, tasty cuisines and most importantly great wine.

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Wakim Zeidan

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A spontaneous traveler and chocolate collector who’s on a mission to understand how the world works while constantly looking for socially driven technology and isn’t afraid to try them.


Podcast: MeenWho

Meenwho, as in "meen" in Arabic which is who in English, is a monthly podcast that will be in conversations with the movers and shakers of the creative and cultural industries.

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