Struggling to find a cost-efficient way to protect your Intellectual Property.


Well here's a full on package that will help you learn how to manage, own and protect your intellectual property from the moment you come up with an idea and throughout the whole creative process.


This package will provide you with the following:

  • One hour consultation with Wakim Zeidan on how to manage your IP along with setting up an account to use our blockchain-based IP protection tool
  • Access to a pre-recorded MasterClass with more than 50min of educational content and legal templates worth $4,000 to use for your work such as NDA, Transfer of Rights, Service agreement...
  • Six credits to certify 6 batches of files of your work on the blockchain-based IP protection tool


Timestamps and issued certificates are admissible in courts.

EU and Chinese timestamps are issued by the official Timestamp authorities of the European Union and China. 


About Wakim Zeidan

Being first and foremost a cultural activist, Wakim co-founded and directed Nuqat, a non-profit organization for cultural development - a platform for cultural programming and community networking in the Middle East. In addition to his leadership role, he has also developed and delivered a range of skills development workshops and programs focusing on ideation, education, communication, and culture. By profession, Wakim is a communications director, specializing in advertising, project management, corporate client communication, and creative direction. He has managed many teams including the creative, business and client servicing of BBDO, Y&R, FP7, JWT in Kuwait, and Al Mohtaraf Assaudi in KSA where is focus was developing the communication and the brand of the “Ithra” cultural center. Accumulating more than 20 years of experience and counting, Wakim currently serves as the co-founder of Silverline, a cultural consultancy that works with individuals, organisations and government entities to improve the cultural and creative economic value of communities. In addition, he holds the position of EVP-Corporate Communication at Gatehouse Financial Group handling all communication and marketing on a corporate level, from planning, budgeting, strategic engagement and messaging.

Wakim received his Bachelor Degree of Science in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut and has completed his Masters Degree in Global Diplomacy with SOAS University of London.

Intellectual Property Management Package

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Excluding Tax