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Cultural Consultancy is a thing.

To add clarity to what we do as cultural consultants, we have listed below a set of services and possible examples of projects.

Web3 Strategy

Setting a Web3 strategy that is an extension of your community's shared values is of essence. Whether it's for your employees, clients, fans or neighborhood, we help you design an NFT strategy, a decentralized community-driven platform or a decentralized financing fund that will bridge the gaps by implementing best-practice of the Web3 industry. 

Skill & Talent Gap Analysis

Understanding the standing point of the human capital of a community is critical to its economic growth. However, we understand that each community has its own characteristics. With that in mind, using our own methodology, we design unique research approaches to understand the skill and talent gaps of a community and accordingly recommend the needed education or awareness programs.

Socio-Cultural Audit

Through a well defined set of metrics, we collect data on the social status of a community. This data is then combined with focused discussions conducted within the community and field surveys to provide context to the data and insights of the current status quo and what a particular community aspires for its future.

Communal Dialogue Activation

Dialogue is essential to build trust and to create much needed collaborations between community members. We facilitate exploration sessions that help them pin down the subjects a community aspires to discuss and accordingly develop an engagement plan that initiates  the necessary  conversations.

Cultural Vibrancy Index

Through a well defined set of metrics grouped under two major indicators; 1) Cultural Infrastructure and 2) Innovation clusters, combined with current and historic context, we are able to measure the Cultural Vibrancy of a city, region or nation and define its unique creative and cultural offerings.

Unique Cultural Proposition Identification

Depending on the context we are dealing with, we devise specific strategies to define the Unique Cultural Proposition of a community, city, region or nation. This approach is critical to align policy makers and the community towards a common purpose that will shape their behaviors, their decisions and eventually their identity.

Cultural Master Planning

This is more focused on the designing the cultural experience of visitors to a specific urban space. Such an approach is a follow on to specific needed research and analysis. The experience is always designed with the host community in mind to make sure they are the ones who eventually deliver it.

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